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Overview: It is fascinating to observe that an orchestra and a corporate enterprise have similar structures.  Just as the  harmonious music from an orchestra is formed by multiple instruments, in a  corporate set-up,  myriad activities leads to the creation of value that is exchanged with the customer for a price.  All businesses look to achieve - and maximize - this exchange in all their activities, both internal and external.


The Chief Executive Officer of the firm - much like the conductor of an orchestra - chooses the framework in which these forces function and interact with each other. However, this  scenario gets complicated with the introduction of the external world, which ironically   makes or breaks an enterprise.  This is why  it is critical for business - especially start-ups - to holistically understand Forces@Work


Like the traditional definition of forces in physics, business forces also act on bodies - organizations - and alter their state, shape and, most often, also direction. At the heart of every C level decision lies the Customer (with a capital “C”), which places a slightly disproportionate importance on vector forces that direct themselves towards Customers.


All successful companies at every stage of their evolution focus on being “market-led”. This is more crucial for start-ups, which otherwise have a fallacious tendency to be “technology - led”. The cost of unwinding wrong decisions that impact your market - and hence Customers - is so humongous that it can bring down entire organizations.


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November 09, 2011 — 2:00 pm to
November 10, 2011 — 11:30 pm

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Vivanta by Taj
Bangalore, Karnataka